Virtual Training

Speaker, trainer and coach Brad Ritter blows the whistle on bad media interviews and dull, boring presentations. In his 25+ years as a communications coach and consultant, he has helped thousands of professionals tell their stories more effectively in front of the media and live audiences, as well as on social media. His clients include global manufacturers, national restaurant and hospitality brands, trade associations and government agencies.

A former TV anchor and reporter, Brad engages audiences of all sizes with fast-paced, interactive programs that win rave reviews.

Brad has trained clients for interviews with The Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNBC, ABC’s World News Tonight and Business Week, as well as scores of local and industry media outlets. He also has prepared clients for live and virtual meetings.

A crisis comms expert, he has helped a wide variety of organizations protect their reputations through crisis planning, training and management.


Book Brad and you can be assured of rave reviews. No matter the topic, Brad builds in fun. In fact, his mantra is “Laugh & Learn” Attendees are often brought up on stage for game show style quizzes, mock talk shows and news conferences, all projected so the “studio audience” gets to participate. His talks are fast paced, peppered with video examples and real-life stories from the media frontline.


Today’s audiences are more demanding than ever. Boring talks and dull presenters are quickly tuned out, underscoring the need for great storytelling. Brad’s “Present Like a Rockstar” workshops teach participants how to develop and deliver compelling talks that engage and persuade audiences of all sizes. He also works 1:1 with speakers, coaching them to present their stories clearly and confidently.


Never have organizations had more ways to tell their stories. Social media. Mobile media. Mainstream media. New channels abound, as do new threats. But no matter the situation or the media, organizations need a great story – and people to tell it well. That requires frontline spokespersons skilled at communicating across multiple media platforms and in front of increasingly critical audiences.


Natural disasters, accidents, health and safety threats, service interruptions, social media controversies, and other crises can damage hard-earned reputations in minutes. When trouble strikes, the public, media, employees, investors, regulators and other critical audiences demand answers NOW.