Crisis Training & Planning

Natural disasters, accidents, health and safety threats, service interruptions, social media controversies, and other crises can damage hard-earned reputations in minutes. When trouble strikes, the public, media, employees, investors, regulators and other critical audiences demand answers NOW.

Brad has worked with leaders from dozens of national and global institutions, national brands, as well as local and regional government agencies, preparing them for the inevitable. He also has managed a wide variety of incidents for several national brands.

Crisis Comms Training

Customized, one-day training programs and interactive workshops cover current crisis-communications trends and strategies, teach the fundamentals of crisis planning and management, and make extensive use of interactive drills and role-playing. Attendees learn ways to protect their organization’s reputation, when — and when not — to respond to the media, public and other audiences, and how to craft and deliver appropriate messages.

Crisis Plan Development

Research shows approximately half of all U.S. companies have NO crisis comms plans. When trouble strikes, “winging it” is a recipe for disaster. Brad’s crisis comms plans, individualized for each client, are practical guides that allow organizations to manage threats quickly and efficiently. Using an express planning process, he helps organizations identify and prioritize potential risks, develop a communications chain of command and create a clear process for decision making. His guides also include action plans with pre-approved communications templates for different audiences.

Contact COMMS COACH Brad at 740.815.1892, or click here to learn more about how he can help your organization protect its most valuable asset — its reputation.