Media & Crisis Training

Never have organizations had more ways to tell their stories. Social media. Mobile media. Mainstream media. New channels abound, as do new threats. But no matter the situation or the media, organizations need a great story – and people to tell it well. That requires frontline spokespersons skilled at communicating across multiple media platforms and in front of increasingly critical audiences.

Brad has reinvented crisis and media training, making it relevant to today’s multi-channel, social media-centric world. His small-group workshops, 1:1 live and virtual coaching sessions are customized to each client’s needs. Topics typically include:

  • Understanding the changing media landscape and what it means to an organization, as well as its leaders and spokespersons
  • Crafting stories and messages for different audiences and channels
  • Conducting print, online and broadcast media interviews, including podcasts and remote video interviews
  • Getting your message across, regardless of the questions asked
  • Serving as a spokesperson in a crisis
  • Dealing with hostile interviewers

All of Brad’s programs include interactive exercises, such as videotaped TV interviews and press conferences, Zoom interviews, podcasts and creating posts and videos for social media.

Contact COMMS COACH Brad at 740.815.1892, or click here to plan a media training workshop that your people will love.