Virtual Media & Crisis Training

Brad uses the same approach in virtual training as in live programs. Whether he’s coaching 100 people or one, his sessions are interactive and fast-paced. Brief presentations are interspersed with sample videos. With larger groups, breakout rooms are used for small group exercises. Mock media interviews and presentations are recorded and played back in real time.

One of his most popular formats combines a virtual group training program with 1:1 coaching sessions.  All participants attend an initial two-hour workshop. Then Brad works with them 1:1 in one-hour sessions in which they conduct mock media interviews that are recorded and played back in real time.


  • More efficient – Rather than spending a whole day in a workshop, actual training time is reduced to approximately three hours with additional one-hour follow up sessions scheduled when needed
  • More cost-effective – Travel costs are eliminated
  • Less intimidating – The 1:1 sessions eliminate the pressure of performing in front of peers or subordinates

Contact COMMS COACH Brad at 740.815.1892, or click here to learn how your organization can benefit from virtual media and crisis training.