Why I Love My Job + 3 TV Tips

I’ve been around TV cameras since I was a kid, but I still get a kick out of being with clients when they’re going on TV. “Lights, camera, action!” is a cliché,  but live TV production is exciting. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to be in-studio at CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg. I’ve accompanied clients to interviews with CBS’ 60 Minutes and to dozens of local stations from LA to Washington, D.C.

Sometimes, clients are experienced executives who have done many interviews. Even so, I still work with them in advance, honing their messages and refreshing their skills. In many cases, my clients have never done interview and are downright terrified. It’s really rewarding to work with them beforehand, be with them on location and then watch them confidently perform like pros.

No matter the spokesperson’s experience level, a lot goes into preparing for an interview, especially if it’s on a difficult topic.  Here are three tips that I always share:

  1. Know what you want to say and look for opportunities to get your point across, no matter what questions are asked. Focus on three or four key points.
  2. Keep your answers brief – talk in soundbites that are 10 seconds or less.
  3. Look at the reporter, not the camera.

Are your leaders ready for prime time? If not, contact me to discuss in-person and virtual media training options.

Have a great week, team, and SMILE for the camera!