Tuesday Tip-Off: Training Topics From 2023’s Top Stories

Wow. What a year it’s been for BIG stories that offer lessons — and great training topics — for all organizations. There’s this summer’s violent weather, Norfolk Southern’s Ohio train wreck, the Titan submersible catastrophe and Bud Light’s controversial social media campaign that led to the stalwart brand losing its cherished #1 sales position.

All underscore the importance of a having a crisis-ready, trained and coached team. A few takeaways:

The unthinkable CAN happen. When inventorying crises, don’t rule out ones that seem impossible.

Past problems will become new problems. Crises immediately put organizations under the microscope. What past issues could be dredged up online or by the media? Develop responses in advance so you are not blindsided.

Crises know no geographical bounds. Online crises can be more expensive and difficult to manage than accidents, weather catastrophes, data breaches, etc. When creating or updating your organization’s crisis plan, include potential social media scenarios.

Losing leaders compounds the crisis. What if your leadership is unavailable, or worse, incapacitated by the event? Make sure there are trained/coached backups who will be effective at making decisions and communicating with employees, investors, customers, the media and the public.

Planning your fall meetings and training programs? Call me to brainstorm topics that will both engage your teams and get your organization ready for its “Big Story.”

PS – I’ve developed a new, virtual Express Crisis Plan process that makes getting ready faster and more efficient. Online spokesperson and media training are available online, too.