Tuesday Tip-Off: Cancel that Zoom Meeting!

Hilton recently announced the results of a global survey that found nearly three-quarters of event goers prefer in-person meetings over virtual ones. Right on, team! Zoom and other conference platforms can be great tools, assuming they are used strategically and effectively. (Often they are not, but that is another topic.) As Hilton’s research showed, in-person gatherings are much better for making human connections.

Case in point: along with my client Sun Outdoors, I recently participated in a Los Angeles media event. We had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with journalists, bloggers, influencers and media producers. Legendary KTLA-TV entertainment anchor Sam Rubin was among them. (By the way, he’s every bit the engaging gentlemen that LA viewers see on the KTLA Morning News.) We also chatted with contacts from CBS, USA Today, NBC, Buzzfeed, CNET and many others.

The opportunity reminded me of the value one-to-one meetings provide. The contacts made, relationships started and insights gained could never be achieved in a virtual setting.

I have a number of clients who have been through both my in-person and remote media training programs. They acknowledge that virtual sessions have benefits, but they still prefer live, on-location training.

In-person get-togethers are a bit like being in the stands for a great sporting event versus watching it from your couch. As you plan meetings and events for next year, consider which format will best achieve your objectives.

The Hilton study has a lot of interesting data, including which demographic is most burnt out on virtual meetings. Read it here.

Have a great week and happy holidays!