Tuesday Tip-Off: Are You a Character?

Hey team – Greetings from Hollywood! I’m here preparing a client for a media event. While driving by all the famous studios I was reminded of how important storytelling is in communications and PR. News articles, presentations and social media posts are all stories – some just longer than others.

Of course, stories require characters. In my training programs, I teach that spokespersons are characters playing a role in a story. Audiences respond to them the same way they react to an actor in a movie or TV show.

Too often businesspeople focus only on their script and “wing it” when they get on stage, turn on their webcam or conduct an interview.

I’m not suggesting you should take an acting class, but you do need to think about the character you assume when you appear in the media or before an audience. How do you want to be perceived? Warm? Trustworthy? Intelligent? Thoughtful? Caring? Enthusiastic? Credible? Likeable? Approachable? Confident?

Take the time to think through your character. Then, rehearse telling your story on video and critique your performance. With some practice, your character will come to life and you will be a far more effective communicator.

Are your organization’s leaders and spokespersons winning accolades for their presentations and interviews? If not, contact me to book a training program. Nobody wants to dodge rotten tomatoes!