Tuesday Tip-Off: A Cherished Leader’s Success Secret

This past weekend I attended a memorial service for Bill Brand, the beloved and highly respected former Redondo Beach, California mayor. He worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life in our seaside city. Whenever there was a goliath at the gate, Bill, his army of supporters, friends and fans were ready to take on a new fight. And they usually triumphed.

During two hours of tributes, Bill’s many accomplishments were celebrated. He was a persistent advocate for protecting our ocean, beaches and the shrinking green space of coastal towns. Amid the stories, accolades and tears, one comment stuck in mind.

A longtime friend noted that Bill had a unique way of simplifying complicated issues into an understandable analogy or story. There was more to Bill’s success than that, of course. He was affable, super smart but able to talk with anyone, and a dogged fighter to the end. The challenges he confronted were often filled with development, environmental and legal complexities. Not to mention conflict and controversy.

Yet, I have to think his ability to communicate a clear, simple and persuasive message contributed immensely to his countless achievements, with the most important being the enduring legacy he created for the community he served.

The Daily Breeze did an excellent job telling the story of this remarkable leader’s life. Enjoy it here.