Strike it Rich with this Solid Gold Tip-Off

In the fast-paced world of media, capturing the essence of your message in a brief and impactful way is crucial. Great soundbites are powerful tools in your interview arsenal. I like to think of them as news nuggets – pithy, concise, compelling, colorful and memorable. In fact, at the end of my media training workshops I give attendees shiny nuggets as a reminder to prepare soundbites before every interview.

Here are some tips to craft perfect news nuggets:

Keep it Concise – Time is of the essence. Aim for soundbites that are eight to ten seconds long. This brevity ensures that your message is digestible to the journalist and the audience.

Be Compelling – Your soundbite should not only inform but also intrigue. Use action verbs and strong nouns to create a sense of urgency and importance. Look for opportunities to use real-life examples, and tell brief stories. 

Make it Memorable – Repetition, rhymes and alliteration can make your soundbite stick. The goal is to create a phrase that can easily be recalled and associated with your organization. Metaphors, analogies and vivid descriptions add flavor to your soundbite. They transform a mundane statement into something that paints a picture for the audience.

Include Your Organization’s Name – Don’t forget to weave in your organization’s name naturally. It should feel like an integral part of the message, not an afterthought.

By integrating these elements, you’ll be able to create soundbites that not only stand out but also faithfully represent your organization’s key message points. Remember, the best soundbites are the ones that stay with the audience long after they’ve been heard.

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Make it a winning week, team!


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