Ride this Tip-Off to the top of your Game

I recently caught an episode of Entrepreneur’s “Elevator Pitch” show on the Cheddar channel. Contestants ride an elevator for 60 seconds while pitching their ideas to investors watching remotely in a studio boardroom. Those with persuasive pitches are invited off the elevator to meet with the investors. It’s a fun show that offers good – and bad – examples of business communications.

An effective elevator pitch is key not only in business presentations but also in media interviews. Reporters often ask, “tell me a little bit about your company,” or “what exactly does your company do?” I always use one of those questions in my media training workshops. More times than not, attendees struggle to answer in a clear, concise way.

Here are some tips to crafting and delivering a compelling elevator pitch:

Be brief. An elevator pitch should be concise and focused. Resist the urge to provide too much information. Instead, highlight the most critical points that are relevant to the reporter or audience.

Keep it simple. Use simple language and avoid industry-specific jargon, acronyms or slang that might confuse your audience.

Focus on benefits, not just facts and features. Be sure to include the unique attributes of your organization or product.

Practice your delivery. While you have limited time (typically 30-60 seconds), speak at a moderate pace, allowing the reporter or audience to absorb your message without feeling overwhelmed. If you can’t comfortably deliver your pitch in less than 60 seconds, edit it.

An effective elevator pitch is a well-crafted mini story with a clear beginning, middle and end. It should capture attention and set the stage for further conversation.

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Have a winning week, team!

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