3 Reasons to Book Your Fall Comms Training Now

Vacations are over, the fourth quarter starts in just a few weeks and more employees are returning to the office. I’m also betting your organization has a lot of new faces, the result of the Great Resignation. Fall is the ideal time to book in-person or virtual media, crisis and presentation training workshops. Here’s why…

  1. Media training gets leadership teams and spokespersons all playing from the same playbook. Chances are your organization has a lot of new people who need to understand your core messages. Even veteran leaders and comms teams benefit from coaching and practice. You might be surprised to learn that General Colin Powell went through media training annually, despite his experience.
  2. Crisis workshops ensure key people — especially new ones — know the ins-and-outs of your crisis response process and are prepared to manage the inevitable. From weather disasters and political issues to workplace violence and new business challenges, threats are on the rise. Too many organizations are caught off guard and they pay the price in damaged reputations and lost business.
  3. With meetings and conferences coming back, presenters need to be at their best in front of audiences. I am always amazed at how much money organizations spend on conferences and meetings, only to put unprepared, sub-par speakers on stage.

According to Statista, 57% of Americans are college football fans. Odds are, you watched at least some NCAA football this past weekend. Coaches spend all week getting their teams ready. When was the last time yours was given the coaching it needs to win?

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